Designs to make your house feel like a home

Wiseman Crossing is an old dirt/ gravel road in Eastern
Kentucky, and is the home of the Wiseman family. My grandmother was a
Wiseman, and she grew up in the old house that still resides on the property set in
the backdrop of the Kentucky River and Eastern Kentucky rolling hills.
When I retired from the military and decided to open my own business, I wanted
the name to tie into my roots and my history. Wiseman Crossing is a road that my
family has always traveled back to as our home for holidays, funerals, weddings, and
reunions and we affectionately refer to it as "Down Home". The graveyard there is
full of Flannerys and Wisemans which are my paternal grandparent's surnames. I
spent many summers as a kid on the family farm with my grandparents, and
everyone there makes you feel like your family, like your at home.
I wanted my business to reflect these things in our customer service and
treat everyone like family, just like they do "Down Home". I want my designs and art
to make peoples' houses feel like a home.

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